Letters of Assyria




Well, it took over 4 years to sell 500 sets. A huge investment that I thought would have to reorder

once a year. The experience has been bittersweet. The parents sending me pics of their children

playing and learning was very touching and I would do it again for them. There are other stories

that I wouldn't want to bring up. I get one order ever month or two, so I think the market

for parents wanting to teach their children has been saturated. Let me know, via e-mail,

if you think otherwise. I chose 40mm large and full color blocks that weigh 3lbs each, so the

investment and space is huge. Type "Alphabet Blocks" on Amazon and all are small and monochrome.


Pronounciation Guide

       Click to launch and learn the pronounciation and examples of all the words.

     Click to launch Pronounciation Page


Virtual Blocks

       Click to launch on your PC/Mac/iPad/Tablet (Android/Win).

       Touch and mouse friendly app. Play and practice on the go.

     Click to launch Pronounciation Page

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Learning Games

Read the Letter.


Read the Word.



Define Picture.


Alphabet Order Competition.


Spelling a Word.


Reading a Word.


Fill in the Letter.


Fill in the Vowels.


Unscramble the Letters.

Grab the letter competition.



Spell the Word Competition. (if you have two sets of blocks)


Read the Word Competition.


Define the Picture Competition.


Unscramble the Letters Competition. (if you have two sets of blocks)


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